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AlloDerm is a skin graft product that is made from human tissue donated by people who have died. The skin is taken from cadavers and processed before it is used in skin grafts and implants. It has been made by LifeCell Corporation since 1994. Cadaveric dermal matrix is the process used to increase how safe this product is and to remove cells and other things that might cause rejection. It was initially thought to be a safer option for skin grafting because it was less likely to be rejected by the patient’s body through allergic or other reactions. It is designed to promote tissue growth at the location it is implanted and is approved for facial reconstruction, hernia repair, and breast reconstruction. However, there are some Alloderm side effects and risks that have been linked to this product.

AlloDerm Side Effects

  • Light swelling at site of implant
  • Injection site bruising
  • Redness, pain, or discomfort at site of implant.
  • Shrinkage of implant
  • Infection
  • Hernia recurrence
  • Abscess development
  • Severe injury to organs nearby the hernia site
  • Hernia mesh erosion – internal tissue breakdown caused by irritation or infection
  • Hernia ring breakage – causing inflammation, infection, and swelling and hernia recurrence
  • Hernia mesh tear – tearing after attachment
  • Hernia mesh perforations – cracking after attachment
  • Hernia mesh adhesion issues – improper adherence with possible adhesion to nearby organs
  • Improper healing of incisions
  • Graft rejection
  • Issues that may require additional painful surgeries to repair or replace AlloDerm mesh
  • 8% of patients require explants (graft removal)

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